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The section of oil, gas and petro-chemistry is the up-most and first industrial vantage of the country and the pivot of the Economy of Iran. Regarding the importance of this section and the need for coordinating and organizing the most active people in the field of production and exporting oil ,gas, and petrochemical products ,some forethoughtful and job- makers in the private section of the country decided to come together to fight against the threats by using the opportunity of mass intelligence and potentials.

Considering the mentioned points the Iranian oil exporters' union was established in 2003 consisting of 54 member companies holding the permission of the chamber of commerce, trade, mining and agriculture of Iran . At the moment this union holding more than 300 members is consider to be one of the biggest economical establishment of the country holding an important role to promote the exporting of oil in qualitative and quantitative aspects , gaining exchange and job providing in the country.

Some of the goals and assignments of the union based on its constitution:

-Endeavors to organizing all the affairs such as production, exporting, importing ,transiting ,swap and bunkering .

-Gathering data about production, exposition, requisition, pricing ,consumption markets and make them available for the members to furnish their knowledge.

- Implementing constant marketing for goods and services represent-able by the members and using new methods in order to increase the share in different markets and developing the activities .

- Providing services for the members and trying to solve their problems.

-Co-operating with relevant references in Islamic Republic of Iran through proposing professional suggestions in preparing ,adjusting ,and verifying the laws ,regulations and circulars regarding the exporting of the oil, gas, and petrochemical products .

- Cooperating with active people in the arena of Economy in Governmental ,public , and private sections of the country, in order to eliminate the obstacles in production ,service and also promoting the exporting of oil , gas ,and petrochemical products .

-Providing links with the banks ,organizations of credit and also international fiscal and monetary Organizations to provide fiscal /credential services and facilities for the members .

-Connecting with all resources ,Governmental organizations , and also unions , nongovernmental formations and also real and legal persons to abolish the problems and making facilities in all sections concerning in exporting the oil , gas, and petrochemical productions as well as transportation ,custom affairs ,warehousing and storages ,packing ,quality control and standard, supplying initial material and so on .

- Absorbing merit , real and legal persons to apply for being the members of the union .

- Creating a quality control and inspecting unit in order to supervise and being sure of observing the related national and international standards and regulations in the process.

- Establishing educational and researching units, celebrating professional and commercial exhibitions in and out of the borders , also coordinating and dispatching professional boards to other capable countries and attending in international gathering relevant to the activities of the union .

-Establishing bureaus out of borders ,in order to gain and enact the aims of the union.

- Accepting the role of judgment and arbitration in order to solve disagreements may arise among the members themselves and also between the members and other real and legal persons inland and outland.

_ Clear and regular informing, in and out of the union through its website, publishing books and publications ,providing electronic newsreel and other regular data dispatching methods , on subjects such as measures done by the union , related national and international laws and regulations , opportunities and other required matters by the permissions of the related resources.

-Encouraging and persuading the members to develop co-operations through establishing investing companies, exporting and economical consortiums, partnership, Islamic contracts, co-operative companies and other similar cases.

-Introducing the members to the Ministries, organizations and other related institutions for using of needed services and facilities and also being assigned as the member in their professional, scientific and guild committee.

- Proposing executive suggestions and cooperate in substantiation of the objectives of the union to the institutions ,organizations, ministries and related systems specially The Ministry of oil and related skilled commissions in the Islamic council parliament.

- Trying to absorb capital, market, technology ,management ,technical knowledge and inland and foreign skilled human source to organize issues related to the exporting of oil , gas ,and petro-chemistry for the members.

-Admission and execution of those executive and conferment duties issued by the tri-nary power to the" union ".

- Programming and persisting about the enjoyment of more members from the protective policies of the Government and other powers of the country .

-Trying to reduce the government's incumbency over exporting the oil, gas ,and petro-chemical products .

In order to promote the activities ,concentrating and empowering the co-operation of the members, after the proposing ,issued by the board of directors ,and the approval of extraordinary general assembly , from 27th of khordad 1384 in Persian calendar (17th Jun 2005 ) the name of this union was changed to Iranian oil, gas and petrochemical products exporters' union .At the moment the most and nearly all the active companies in this three fields are among the members of the union .

Essential foundations of the union

Essential foundations of the union are :

  • General assembly
  • Board of directors
  • Inspector
  • The most important measures and activities of the union

    -Following up the problems of the members of the guild consist of issues such as banking , taxation , customs affair , standard issues, transportation and so on .

    - Integrated contribution in yearly and regular international exhibition of oil, gas, and petro-chemistry of Iran.

    - Making connection with the embassies of Iran out of boards and the embassies and commercial halls of foreign countries in Iran and also other national and international sources in economical and commercial fields in order to exchange commercial information and opportunities .

    -Grading the oil products for exporting and announce the related data to the central bank and the customs of Iran .

    -Setting up yearly gathering for the exporters of the oil, gas ,and petro –chemical products of Iran in the presence of some Governmental officers , master managers in Governmental and private sections and the members of the union .

    - Publishing interior magazine named Energy world in Farsi and English and programming for the distribution of it in foreign countries consist of Persian Gulf region.

    -Sending scientific and commercial figures out to the foreign countries in order to do scientific, industrial ,commercial and marketing activities and expanding the endeavors to export the productions of the union.

    -Coordinating with reporters and news agencies to publish the problems of the members through mass-media .

    -Informing and establishing educational courses in relation to the activities of the union and if required, introducing the members to the other organizations to take part in their instructional courses .

    -Coordinating with the Ministry of oil and sending representative to take part in their expertise sessions in order to survey the problems in such matters as exporting the products , transit , SWAP and bunkering .Also establishing common sessions with the Deputy of programming and supervising over hydrocarbon sources in the Ministry of oil, in order to discuss about the problems of the members pertaining to the guild , providing the required feed for them and presenting the product in the stock exchange .

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