CEOs of 10 large companies arrive in Tehran


CEOs of 10 large oil, gas, power and petrochemical companies have arrived in Tehran to investigate investment opportunities in Iran's oil and energy industries.

The visiting companies include France’s Total, Italy’s Eni, OMV of Austria, Japan’s Mitsui, Chiyoda Corporation, JGC and Mitubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Germany’s Linde and Ziemens, multinational company of FJE, Italy’s Ansaldo STS as well as UK’s Ari Liquid.

Accordingly, at a meeting which will be held tomorrow with the presence of Iranian oil and energy ministers, the executives and senior representatives of the oil companies will get informed about the details of the changes and developments in Iran’s oil, electricity and energy industries for the post-sanction era while some company managers will present lectures on the latest status of the world’s energy industry.

Apparently, Total’s Managing Director of Commercial Excellence and Business Development in Southeast Asia, North Asia and Pacific, Steve Mitchell as well as Rainer Seele, Chief Executive Officer of OMV, will describe the latest developments in the upstream sector of the world’s oil industry.

Other speakers at tomorrows’ session include CEO of Linde, a top manager at Japan’s Mitsubishi Company, the president of FJE international company, Ansaldo’s CEO, President and CEO of Toshiba Corporation Norio Sasaki, a top manager of Air Liquid, director of Chiyoda company and vice-president of JGC company.


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