‘WTO membership needed for Iran’s economic future’


Member of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture Ahmad Pourfallah said World Trade Organization (WTO) membership was vital for the future of Iran’s economy.

Talking to IRNA on Monday, he said state-owned structure dominating the Iranian economy is the main obstacle to the country’s joining the WTO and urged preparing the ground for Iran’s membership in the organization.
Noting that the present world has virtually turned into a global village, he said for a country like Iran which enjoys high potential and is situated in a strategic region, it is really necessary to join the economic vessels.
Pourfallah referred to high tariffs, ban on some Iranian goods in some parts of the world and misusing of economic trend by third countries as the disadvantages of Iran’s lack of access to WTO.
However, the WTO Director-General Roberto Azevedo had already told the Sputnik that the organization is ready to accept Iran as long as all WTO member states support its accession.
Iran first submitted its membership application to the global trade organization in 1996, but US objections prevent it from joining.
'The WTO is an open forum. Any country that wants to join the WTO is welcome to do that and then we have the negotiations with the other members,' said Azevedo, adding he had not received any recent communications from Tehran.
Iran could join the 161-nation trade organization after Tehran agreed with Russia, the United States, France, Britain, China and Germany in July that it would modify its nuclear activities in exchange for sanctions relief, including removing trade restrictions implemented by the United States.


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