Farasakou Unveiled the Biggest Port to Export Oil Products


Due to the increasing 

capacity of oil production in Iran during past two years from about 2 to 3.8 million barrels per day as well as increase in the capacity of export of 970000 barrels per day to around 2 million barrels per day, resulting in increased production and export of oil products, and an increase in export as well as Demand for storage tanks and Export harbor for NIOC needs. Therefore, NIOC presenting the Farasakou Assaluyeh Terminal &Port in Pars Special Economic Energy Zone (Asaluyeh) as a new hub for export of petroleum products and Bunkering according to preserve and increase the export as well as localization Bunkering in Iranian ports.

Farasakou Assaluyeh Co. with suitable port facility and the possibility mooring tankers of petroleum products as well as storage tanks In the coastal port and also can be develop according to NIOC needs with Potential Bunkering services in Asaluyeh and also Persian gulf region (depending on the traffic of ships in this region), Farasakou port could be used for increasing of export capacity and helping to more export of Iranian oil products through the new hub.


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